Liberalism 101: Trash a house, sue the owner (video)

In what has become normal in the lunatic world of Liberalism, the perpetrators become the victims. Allow a group of rambunctious teens to trash a man’s property, then sue HIM for pressing charges. This why I detest Leftist lunatics!

It certainly can’t be the people’s fault who trashed the house. After all, it IS A HOUSE. Isn’t that what teenagers do, left unsupervised? I’ve certainly seen enough movies about such things, even though in the movies the house gets put back in order right before the parents (or landlord) return home.

In the real-life scenario as reported here:

Brian Holloway, a former Patriots lineman and the man whose vacant house in Stephentown, N.Y., was crashed for a party attended by hundreds of high schoolers from the area, is now on the defensive from the unruly teenagers’ parents. Only one parent showed up with their child to help Holloway clean up the mess, and now some are threatening litigation if he doesn’t stop trying to out their kids on social media.

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Why hold the kids responsible. They were just doing what kids do…who have Liberal parents, who don’t hold them accountable. And we wonder how America is in the state that it’s in. These kids are no different from their parents, a bunch of drug-crazed Leftist hippie leftovers (pardon the pun).



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