Obama’s Mexican Son: Alejandro Rodriguez arrested 152 times

If Obama had a son, he might be Alejandro Rodriguez, 33, arrested 152 times and costing the taxpayers more than $400,000!


wave3.com-Louisville News, Weather

Wave 3 News Scott Adkins writes:

Officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department recently arrested Alejandro Rodriguez, 33, for allegedly threatening he had a bomb at a gas station. It’s the latest allegation against Rodriguez who has spent more than 2,200 days in jail since 2002.

“If the cops bring them we have to take them,” explained Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Director Mark Bolton.

Medical privacy laws prevented Bolton from revealing whether Rodriguez suffers from mental issues, but his arrest history highlights a problem affecting everyone in the Metro.

Metro Corrections is required to pay for food, clothing, supervision, personal hygiene and medication for inmates while they are incarcerated. “It has costs taxpayers over $400,000 on this one individual,” Bolton said.

Alejandro is certainly costing taxpayers less than Obama — perhaps the First Family should try a vacation to Louisville?

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