Slow Joe Biden wants Janet Napolitano on SCOTUS!

Double-barrel shotgun totin’ Slow Joe Biden has now turned from female protection tips to spouting nominees for America’s highest court.

Makes perfect sense…the guy who believes jobs is a 3 letter word, who recollects FDR was president when the stock market crashed and that FDR informed the nation of the crash via TV. That guy. He has a brilliant idea for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Janet Napolitano. Yep. Big Sis who pronounced the border secure as residents in Texas and Arizona watched illegal aliens and coyotes trespassing on their land daily.

The Hill’s Mario Trujillo writes:

Biden said his comments speak to her depth of knowledge, intellect and character. “I think Janet should be on the Supreme Court of the United States,” Biden said at her farewell ceremony.

Biden acknowledged he would be making news and said aides warned him against making a public declaration about a potential Supreme Court nominee.

“My staff, when I said I was going to say this, said, ‘Ah, don’t make news.’ But I’m going to,” Biden said shortly before recommending Napolitano, to applause from the crowd.

Napolitano is leaving her post to head the 10-member University of California system.

She is a former governor of Arizona and also served as Arizona’s attorney general. She received her law degree in 1983 from the University of Virginia School of Law and subsequently clerked in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. She has never served as a judge.

Joe…please go back to giving your wife self-protection advice.

It seems Joe has forgotten that his Dim Bulb Club Member, Janet-N, gave this MENSA 2009 interview with CBC’s Washington correspondent, Neil MacDonald:

MacDonald asked Napolitano to clarify comments she made last month that the Canadian and Mexican borders must be treated equally.

“Yes, Canada is not Mexico. It doesn’t have a drug war going on; it didn’t have 6,000 homicides that were drug-related last year,” Napolitano said.

“Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there.”

When MacDonald asked if she was referring to the 9/11 perpetrators, Napolitano answered: “Not just those but others as well.”

Joe, please. Go find a biker bar and have a beer. Go get a few more hair plugs.

But Joe, never, ever, ever, ever submit Ms. Napolitano’s name as a potential SCOTUS appointee.

America would be a better place if Joe Biden gave no more advice and Janet Napolitano never darkened so much as a traffic court door.



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