Dr. Ben Carson compares ObamaCare to the Alamo

Dr. Ben CarsonMy friend, Dr. Ben Carson explained ObamaCare in terms even Liberals can understand.

ObamaCare is about to get overrun by 30,000 Mexicans, metaphorically speaking, and there will be no reinforcements to save it.

Ironically, Obama wishes he could sign up 30M Mexicans in what he believes would add credibility to ObamaCare, yet it would break the back of the legislation. Obama doesn’t really want people with pre-existing conditions, and ObamaCare has a surprise for them in the form of their deductibles.

ObamaCare wants and needs the younguns. ObamaCare needs healthy stooges in order to balance out the promises it made to everybody. In lieu of that, ObamaCare will have to charge enough in premiums to make a rich man cry.

Here is a portion of Dr. Carson’s article:

Today, the freedom of Americans to control their own health care needs is being threatened by massive governmental interference. Those attempting to fundamentally change America are attempting to take control of the most important thing any of us possesses: our health.

Read more about Dr. Carson’s take here

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