Let Fed-Ex Run the Gov’t

Post office failLet Fed-Ex Run the Fed, that’s what I say.

I think at least 50 percent of the government is non-essential. And I can prove it.

They say that 800,000 people will be furloughed. Can you imagine the size of an organization that can furlough 800,000 and remain operational? The Fed has approximately 2.65 MILLION civilian employees. For those interested in the math, those 800,000 employees of the fed who were furloughed represent 30 percent of the employee, yet we are told that only 15 percent of government has actually been shut down.

Bulletin: Essentially there are TWO people for every job in the government.

Now I’m no Einstein, but if we apply this logic to the 2.65 MILLION government employees, that means we only need 1.33 MILLION government workers, and that doesn’t include the fact that private sector workers are 50 percent better than public sector workers, certainly the non-essential ones.

The government knows this. They are afraid of you finding out about it.

Look at government “efficiency” as compared to the private sector. I wrote about this a while back comparing Fed-Ex to the U.S. Postal Service.

Spoiler Alert: Fed-Ex is profitable, the USPS is not!

The post office lost $15.9B last year. I can’t find when the post office EVER made a profit, and I looked hard. This article is titled, “Post Office is still losing money, but not quite as much,” and I am NOT joking.

On the other hand, Fed-Ex’s profits were up 7 percent in the last quarter. And in the same year the post office lost almost $16B, Fed-Ex showed profits every quarter, and their stock has risen from ~$84 in Jan of 2012 to $114 as of last week.

Fed-Ex is focused. If I were the government, I would try an experiment where the management team of Fed-Ex was brought in to run the post office for a week. There is no incentive for post office personnel to improve the process. And that is why we have the most inefficient government on earth.

Our government is run by idiots. And idiots are like meth tweakers. So here is an example of what our meth-heads in government do with our money:

In 2011, $936,818 was spent developing an online soap opera entitled “Diary of a Single Mom”.  The show “chronicles the lives and challenges of three single mothers and their families trying to get ahead despite obstacles that all single mothers face, such as childcare, healthcare, education, and finances.”

I’m not sure how these types of things get financing, but I don’t feel sorry for an entity that would spend “other people’s money” so frivolously, with no oversight, then lament being shut down.

For more waste, check this out…

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