Sebelius Must Have Employed Peggy & Gang for Obamacare Rollout!

With the brilliant success of the Obamacare Rollout, millions of Americans are scratching their heads and wondering exactly where Kathleen Sebelius found the über-nerds that programmed the touted Healthcare site.

Wonder no more! I’ve found them! Those technological wizards who programmed the Smartest Man in the World’s healthcare website!

Score one for me! I am positive it was Peggy and Crew who deftly hardcoded and tested this marvel of interwebs efficiency!

Watch and see if you don’t concur: the code has Peggy written all over it!

Somewhere in the Arctic regions Peggy and Pals are ignoring the pesky red ObamaPhone ringing off the hook!

Meanwhile, in the oval office, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is popping Tums and pouting.



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