Obama Sissy Slaps Veterans

Leave it to a man who has NO military experience to sign onto law cost-of-living cuts for Veterans.

Obama is truly America’s Commander in Grief for all Americans, and specifically veterans. You can bet if asked to serve in a time of war, Obama would conveniently find his way to Canada. He has proven, again, that he has no concern for the men and women who have served this country.

Troops are good for photo-ops, such as this drive-by shoot at the base in Hawaii.

As reported in the Huffington Post:

The so-called “sign of progress” on Capitol Hill due to the budget agreement reached by the House and Senate last week is a hallow victory when that deal comes at the expense of veterans. Barely one percent of the American population is currently on active duty in the Armed Forces, yet it’s on the backs of military men and women who have served that Congress gets its deal.

According to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), as part of the budget deal, lawmakers approved a reduction in the annual cost of living adjustment for military retirees and survivors. The IAVA estimates over a lifetime, it’ll result in a 20 percent reduction of retirement benefits.

You KNOW it’s bad when even Liberal rags understand the slap in the face that Obama just gave to those who have served our country.

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