Dark Illusions for a Dark America

In an effort to become even more out-of-touch with reality and to convey the message that most of what you see isn’t real…

…some tattoo-happy Millennials are seeking to express themselves by way of true-to-life body art.

After almost six years of political optical illusion and delusion, brought to America by way of a liberal con artist – not a tattoo artist – and in keeping with Barack Obama who appears to be something he’s not, an artistic craze is catching on where inked skin is able to mirror what’s happening in America by feigning dark authenticity.


 Shouldering big economic burdens are certainly ahead for those who’ve been zipped  into Obama-livion.


Based on liberal voting trends, people in the age group who like to have puzzle pieces inked onto their feet are puzzled, we get it.


If Mr. Millennial needed ObamaCare to tend to a real bear claw wound – guess what – wild animal injuries are not covered.


Someone should ask Michelle Obama whether “Let’s Moving!” would be easier with or without ornately carved wooden stems? 


Is that NSA and the Big Brother watching you or Big Shoulder Eye?


Some people are deluded into thinking that with Obama in charge, the future  is ‘buttoned up‘ but, trust me, it isn’t.


Spindle-finger Bill Clinton would probably want to get a closer look at his one, and then demonstrate his adept ability to maneuver his way around lace garters! 


Please take note:  What you see is not real, which is just the way most clueless people like it.


Let’s locate where the person owning that eye-ball is hiding and help America’s youth find a way to get him out.

So there it is, the nation has been marked indelibly with bad politics and poor leadership.  As a result, some young Americans are searching for a way to express the ensuing desperation and are finding it through realistic-looking illusions that send dark messages that mirror the prospect of the dark future ahead.

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