Homeless black mom meets the pimp called “Feminism”

Feminism has practically ruined America, and it certainly has ruined the black community.

How can a black woman be struggling with all the freedom the Women’s Movement created? And better still, now that America has a black president, one would think that the time of the homeless single black mother would be over?

But it’s not over. Like millions of other single black women, homeless single mother Shanesha Taylor is not faring so well during the Era of Obama, or what Wall Street bankers and guilty white women might call the “time of plenty! Both of them are getting over.

Shanesha Taylor however was so frenzied to get a job, that when called for an interview with an insurance company, she acted out of sheer panic. With no FATHER to watch her kids, the destitute woman did the unthinkable, as reported here:

A homeless single mother in Arizona who was struggling to make ends meet is now in jail after she allegedly left her children in her car while she went on a job interview.

Shanesha Taylor was arrested on felony child abuse charges after police discovered her two kids – aged 2 years old and 6 months old – in a locked SUV in a parking lot in Scotsdale.

Officer responded to the scene after a witness reported a child crying from inside a Dodge Durango parked at an office complex about 12.30pm on Thursday March 20.

Obama has abandoned, Shanesha Taylor, because he has bigger priorities than creating jobs, and thus inspiring a robust economy. There are all those LGBT issues, and of course we are right in the middle of March Madness. I’m sure Obama will get right on that jobs thing, when he gets a moment.

Liberals have put in a system where the government acts as “daddy,” but where was daddy when Shanesha Taylor most needed him?

Waiting to ARREST Shanesha Taylor!And that’s what happened. See that’s how Liberalism works. Liberalism lures you in like a pimp, then beats the crap out of you, when you are at your lowest point.

Ask yourself how desperate that woman was to make the decision? How long had she been living on the street, at the mercy of her “baby daddy”…the government. Government can send a check or two, but government isn’t there when the kids are sick or have a soccer game.

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