Bloomberg appoints himself a Saint

If Obama can get a Nobel Peace Prize, then why can’t former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg declare himself a SAINT!

And that essentially what the mega-billionaire father of the “nanny state” did.

In an interview with the NY Times on Tuesday, April 15th, the supercilious billionaire made it clear he believes his philanthropy, and all his magnanimous deeds are done to punch his golden ticket to Heaven.

“I am telling you, if there is a god, when I get to heaven…I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven”.

Not to get all preachy with Bloomberg, but the first thing I suggest is that he actually BELIEVE IN (Big G) GOD! “…if there is a god” won’t cut it. Just sayin’.

Next, the Bible is clear that no amount of good deeds will get you to Heaven. You don’t do good deeds for the accolades, but because it is in your heart. In other words, despite Bloomberg’s wealth and perceived good deeds, in the eyes of God, he is a piece crap just like the rest of us heathens.

Elitists like Bloomberg believe they can buy their way into Heaven.

Bloomberg has spent a fortune banning big sodas, “protecting” them from gun violence, and much more, because he knows God is watching. Well, “if there is a god.”

There is no way Bloomberg can be flawed an undeserving of the grace of “if there is a god.” But that doesn’t stop Bloomberg from hedging his bets.

I suggest that Bloomberg actually read the Bible, and understand that he is a highly flawed person, unworthy of entrance to Heaven. And he should note that the one thing this flawed Christian does know is, Bloomberg  is talking about the wrong place if he expects to find egotistical Leftist. He should set his sights lower.

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