GOP Senate Candidate into Cockfighting?

How do you spin attending a cockfighting event? That’s like Bill Clinton “surveying” a strip club.

Holy mother of all things unholy, some people in the GOP seem to not get it. The Left are the dog fighters and cockfighters, not the right. So why was Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Matt Bevin ruffling feathers (pun intended) by speaking at  a pro-cockfighting event last weekend?

The campaign says it was a “state’s rights rally,” according to The News-Journal.

After attending the 66th Annual Lincoln Day Banquet later in the evening, Bevin said he did not realize the event had anything to do with cockfighting.

“I was the first person to speak and then I left,” Bevin said. “They knew I was here. They asked if I would be interested in speaking. I’m a politician running statewide, any chance I get to speak to a few hundred people I’m going to take it.”


Is Bevin that naive to the type of event he was actually attending, or was this a “Todd Aiken” moment for PETA?

I actually like Matt Bevin, but I think he needs to be more circumspect if he is going to survive a senate race.

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