$1M lawsuit by man accused of being a racist

It’s about time we began fighting back the lying Liberals who use race as a weapon, and that’s just what one man has done.

A Tennessee man has filed a $1 million lawsuit Thursday against Red Lobster and one of its waitresses after the waitress claimed that he had written a racial slur on a tip receipt.

The incident happened Last September, where waitress, Toni Jenkins posted a picture on Facebook of the receipt which had the words “none” and “Nigger” scrawled on it. Devin Barnes, 20, admitted that he wrote the word “None” in the tip line. But not the other word.

Jenkins is black, and claimed Devin Barnes who is white had written the slur. She then posted the receipt on the internet and that kicked off a media frenzy, as the receipt went viral.

Barnes reported that he and his family have endured a lot by being labeled racists, and he said that Red Lobster was derelict in getting to the truth of the matter.

Meanwhile, Jenkins who was originally suspended due to her advertising the picture of the receipt on the internet, was reinstated after a news outlet picked up the story. She then received about $11,000 in a fundraising effort called, “Tips for Toni,” and has bought herself a new car.

As for Barnes’ case, two handwriting experts who looked at the receipt and at writing samples from Barnes, his wife, and Jenkins determined that it was unlikely that the couple had written the slur.

Jenkins claims that she didn’t write it either. I call foul. There are too many stories like this, where the person accusing somebody of racist behavior hits the lotto.

Regardless, I applaud this couple for addressing the call of racism with a full frontal assault. Perhaps the next person attempting to profiteer from calls of racism will think twice.

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