GM: The Profit in Killing People

Obama has served as the Head Negro in Charge of GM, and have given them $10 billion free dollars. You’d think they wouldn’t be killing people intentionally.

How much are the lives of Americans worth, when the government is involved? Apparently $35 million. Doing the math, $35 million with $10 billion of American taxpayers money?

“With profit margins like that, GM should keep on making cars that kill people!”  – Kevin Jackson


Malfeasance is nothing, when you have a Big Black Brother. GM and Obama are where capitalism and government collide and collude. Big Auto with Big Brotha. This is crony capitalism Leftist style, as in the kind they create.

This GM story would be scary, had we not been trained to accept and overlook scandal by the Obama administration. So what GM knew about the ignition problem and people died. There won’t be hell to pay, just taxpayer funds.

What next, Shinseki of the VA appointed as CEO of GM to “address this bad ignition switch issue?”

Or better yet, let’s look at Obama’s female staffers. Sebellius is out of a job. Coming on the heels of a successful launch of ObamaCare, why not put her at the helm of GM?

Or how about Susan Rice?

Actually, let’s give Hillary Clinton the job, because she’s the best at killing American citizens, then looking the other way.

Obama’s silence is deafening. He was spiking the football for saving GM, but we haven’t heard much about this “fake scandal.”

During the time when Obama was in charge of GM, they were supposed to be solving the problems that necessitated the need for $50 billion dollar loan. Instead, they were playing cover up, as they put the American public at risk:

The investigation found “deeply disturbing” evidence over how G.M. treated safety concerns, said David Friedman, who works under Mr. Foxx as the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Mr. Friedman cited an internal presentation from 2008 that was used to train employees to obscure some problems.

Workers writing reports were encouraged to avoid using certain words and phrases with negative overtones, including “apocalyptic,” “dangerous,” “death trap, “potentially disfiguring,” “rolling sarcophagus,” and “Corvair-like,” as well as more benign phrases like “safety” and “safety related.”

The internal presentation also instructed employees not to be “cute or clever.” It gave examples of “comments that do not help identify or solve problems,” including, “This is a lawsuit waiting to happen,” and, “Kids and wife panicking over the situation.”

The new requirements represent a return of sorts to the oversight that G.M. thought it had escaped last December, when the government sold off the final piece of the company it had acquired as part of its $49.5 billion federal bailout.

This is the Benghazi of the auto industry, but Liberals will say it’s a Tea Party witch hunt. Well, guess what? We found a witch.

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