Oprah and the secret mockumentary

Oprah’s OWN network appears desperate! Did she think blending gay and football was a winning combination? No wonder she lost over $100 million in OWN last year!

Before Michael Sam had played a single down of professional football, Oprah had a plan. In fact, the plan was underway when Sam was “picked” by the St. Louis Rams, as Oprah’s OWN network was there to orchestrate…I mean, film “the kiss.”

Just after Michael Sam announced his gaiety back in February, Oprah came a-callin’. She was already in the process of shooting the mockumentary of Sam, and his new found fame for being gay. This has fueled speculation that Oprah called Obama, America’s first gay president, and put pressure on him to call the NFL commish, and make sure that Sam got picked.

Regardless, the project leaked out, and the NFL had had enough. The feedback for this proposed mockumenary was negative, and much of it came from Sam’s potential teammates, though they did so anonymously.


I commented shortly after the hoopla of Sam’s “pick” by the Rams, that he will breed resentment from his teammates, all of whom earned their spots on the team. Further, there is a hierarchy in football, and it’s based on ability, not gaiety. Sam was hogging the spotlight, and hadn’t accomplished anything. Can you imagine if football was won by how GAy your team was? EWWW…

This new unofficial polling would not go unnoticed by the NFL higher ups. The NFL is willing to play the political correctness game for a bit, which is why Sam got “picked” in the first place. But I suspect the league has begun to figure out that the MAJORITY of its viewership is of the “NOT Gay” persuasion, and couldn’t not care less about Michael Sam. Further, Oprah’s audience is not the NFL demographic, as the LGBT community and a few suburban housewives cannot save football, if the loyalists leave.

It was reported that after a meeting with the Rams on Friday, Sam’s agent, Cameron Weiss, said a decision to delay the project was made. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

“This will allow for Michael to have total focus on football, and will ensure no distractions to his teammates,” Weiss told ESPN.com. “Everybody involved remains committed to this project and understands its historical importance as well as its positive message.”

It would be a good idea for Michael Sam to actual become the first openly gay professional football player, as opposed to the first openly gay player DRAFTED. Maybe after he has actually accomplished something, the LGBT community can start celebrating.

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