Chris Matthews said WHAT about the Tea Party (video)

Chris Matthews is good for a shocker every now and then, and he doesn’t disappoint. What Matthews says in this video should scare the Left.

Chris Matthews has been uber critical of the Tea Party, referring much of the time to members of the Tea Party with the double-entendre and certainly negative connotation of “Tea Baggers.” However, I believe Chris Matthew has had a rude awakening.

The man actually defends the Tea Party, as he equates us with the Left.

As I have said, I put no stock in the notion that Matthews has vindicated our position. In fact, what he has done is show that he can change from his idiotic notion about the Tea Party, and finally get his mind right.

Admittedly, his epiphany is a good thing. People from his ilk do listen to him, and his transformation is a good thing for the Tea Party.

The Tea Party movement has itself to congratulate for finally waking up a few of the brain-dead Leftists.

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