College Communist cancel meeting when Conservative films it

This has to be one of the most impressive videos of what happens in Wackademia that I’ve seen this year. A young conservative decides to attend a public meeting of college communists.

What happens next is a priceless look at Liberalism, as this video documents.

Why don’t they want their message public? You’d think they would be happy that somebody is filming them, however they want their discussions to be private. Communists don’t want us to know their strategy.

Tea Party groups are OPEN and filmed all the time. We encourage people to attend, so what are the Communist afraid of?

These communists called the cops, then lied about the guy who shot the film, saying he was disruptive.

When none of that works, they decide that they need to let the administrators at the college know what happened, and that they believed there were rules blocking Conservatives.

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I guess Communism has no room for free-thinking, America-loving patriots.


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