LA Gang Tour: Go on Safari in America

You likely weren’t aware that you don’t even have to leave “The Oppressive Motherland” in order to see the wild animal of America.

I’m not talking about those confining zoos either. The places Liberals describe where animals are taken from their natural environments and confined, so that we higher order humans can spend hours staring at them.


Animals should be free, and the most humane way to study them is in their natural environments. That is now possible in America, as former gang member Alfred Lomas, along with several partners have formed a non-profit group that they say is to give a hand up to some struggling L.A. neighborhoods.

For the bargain price of just $65 (lunch included), the curious can hop on a bus and take the “L.A. Gang Tour.”

The tour travels through the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles, home to some of the most violent gang activity in the nation. Passengers can see the birthplace of the Crips and the Bloods. They are treated to the sights of some of the most notorious gang shootouts. Some of the tours  take a side trip to such places as the sight of a temporary National Guard Command Post during the Watts riots that took place in the sixties.

As the bus rolls through the ‘hood, the curious peer out the bullet-proof Plexiglas windows hoping to see gang activity: shootings, stabbings, or perhaps a dope deal. The really lucky might witness an armed robbery or a sexual assault. Nirvana: follow a  gang on an actual drive-by?

People from all over the world come to see gang life in LA. A professor from Germany, a back packing tourist from Australia and many others want an up close and personal peek into what gang life in South Central is all about.

How can they do this and not become victims?

Unlike the African safaris, where the animals won’t negotiate, tour organizers have made agreements with gang leaders that the thugs will allow the bus to pass through the neighborhood unscathed. Nevertheless, there are still risks. For this reason passengers must sign a liability waiver stating that their adventure is “inherently dangerous” and they could risk death. I can only guess that the waiver has a “no snitch” clause, in the event an actual crime is observed.

As with zoos and safaris, souvenirs of one’s adventure are available. You can get a freshly graffiti tagged shirt, for example. Sadly, one idea that was scrapped was for the tour operators to supply local gang-bangers with water pistols, so they could “shoot” tour bus passengers, who would then buy a T-shirt that read,

“I got shot in South Central.”

Lomas describes his idea as “true community empowerment.”  However other opinions are mixed.

While tour organizers insist that the income generated goes directly back into the community, others question if this is simply exploitation of the people who live in the neighborhood. And what of the glamorization of the gang lifestyle.

Liberals have corralled the animals into a wildlife park, and now they have found a way to defray the cost.

Have the Left finally created a zoo they can support?

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