How do you sell a bad burger: Offer it to Gays!

Burger King celebrated Gay Pride over during this year’s celebration of American Independence. And why not! Gaiety what the 4th of July is all about!

So in celebration of America’s gaiety, Burger King made a special sandwich for the gays. I’m guessing it’s meat between two MALE buns?

I didn’t realize there was so much to consider on a gay burger, like gender-specific buns!

I ate at a Burger King years ago. After seeing this article about Burger King making a GAY sandwich, I felt like I was in the crying game. I have no idea if the buns I ate were male or female?

You know what…I don’t even want to know.


Perhaps Burger King should abandon “don’t ask, don’t tell,” or change its name to Burger Queen.

You GO girl!

It’s interesting that Burger King has jumped into the grand social experiment, introducing us to gender-based foods. Here I thought we ate to live, but apparently not. Food is about political agendas!

When I ate that Whopper years ago, I was just unwittingly “experimenting” with the gay burger.  I remember thinking, “This burger sucks!” So I thought I stopped going to Burger King because the FOOD SUCKED. Not the case. It’s because I am NOT Gay!

I wonder what the next menu item will be at Burger Queen; the fellatio dog?

Would you eat the fellatio dog? I’m so NOT GAY I eat a hot dog length-wise! That doesn’t work for a popsicle, so I JUST SAY NO!

Any chance for a Cunnilingus Wrap at the new Burger Queen? I’ll watch Ellen, and get back with you.

I want to know when Burger King will come out with a burger for BLACK people? That bun would be shaped like a circa 70’s Cadillac. The meat would not have to be real beef, that’s for sure, and no it wouldn’t be chicken. The Cadillac-bun burger would be made with squirrel meat, and they would name it The Obama Burger.

Burger King should admit it. Like Subaru, their products suck. So they need to patronize some group to make them come to the rescue. Nice marketing ploy, but the Whopper is still just a nasty burger.


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