Gays upset about Straight White Guy Festival

It’s long overdue for a NOT Gay Pride Festival. So a proud member of the NOT Gay community is promoting equality for the NOT Gay community, and planned a “Straight White Guy Festival.”

Here is the video the guy prepared for the festival:


He’s pissing off gays, but the event has the  added the racial and gender elements. The trifecta of incredulous for the Left.

As reported here:

A spoof flyer was posted around the Columbus area advertising the Straight White Guy Festival to be held at Goodale Park, which is home to the annual Gay Pride Parade. They claim the festival will be held in September, according to 10TV.

The flyer reads:

“Come help us celebrate our enjoyment of being straight white and male.”

I’m shocked the NAACP hasn’t chimed in on this one yet, but they do have that “valid voter ID is racist” issue to promote on behalf of their plantation masters.

As most people know, I came out “NOT Gay” a while back, in response to the inequities being felt in the NOT Gay community. As a black man, I have seen the oppression of the LGBT Mafia, however some might argue that oppression is balanced by my “blackness.”

If the NOT Gay white guys want to pull this off, I suggest a Bring Your Black Friend (BYBF), so we can celebrate the fact that white men are the most oppressed group in America now.


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