Well, What Do You know?! Lost Obama School Tape Surfaces

For five years now, in order to verify, without a doubt, once and for all, Obama’s Hawaiian birth, America has hungered for an original Dr. Ukulele-signed birth certificate

Moreover, adding to the mystery, Barack Obama’s Harvard Law School’s Magna Cum Laude college transcripts – or any college transcripts for that matter – have been impossible to find.

Then, out of the blue, from the hallowed halls of academia a long-lost video suddenly surfaces featuring star pupil Barack Obama.

The black-and-white clip shows the “Smartest Guy in the Room”  interacting with a friend about schoolwork.  On the tape Obama displays a level of intelligence America has personally witnessed many times in a man who really knows how to maneuver his way around a Teleprompter.

Friends, please join The Blacksphere in taking  a few moments to get to know our esteemed leader better by delving together with us into a moment in Barack Obama’s academic past.

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