Obama, aloof?

I read an article that described Obama as “aloof.” What’s shocking is that some people apparently are just realizing this. Thanks again, Captain Obvious.

Obama is aloof, and it’s because he now believes he is TOO GOOD for us…period.

The Left has been saying that Obama is god-like, since the guy came on the scene. These former Obama minions no longer believe it; however Baby Black Jesus does.

Here is one Democrat speaking of Obama’s aloofness on immigration:


This La Raza (The Race) Democrat believes this even after Obama has brought 57.000 new “children” to the border, won’t deport even the worse banditos, and in fact has put 68,000 illegals back on the street, many of them heinous criminals.

Congress is beneath Obama, even in issues that he cares about. The only people Obama deals with are bona fide stars, and not a group of pansies with approval ratings less than his. That’s why Jay-Z is more of a shot-caller than any of the so-called politicians in DC.

Ask yourself who Obama will answer the phone faster for, Boehner or Beyonce? Negro PLEASE!

Obama must now, “act as if.” This is what broke rappers do, when they get their boys to make that first video, when they don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Act as if you have made it, have the bling, and the *itches, and so on.

Obama acts as if he is a good president, and everybody loves him. I heard that some believe he is daring the Republicans to impeach him, as he sees this as the potential to gain street cred. He would join America’s other first black president, and hopefully get a bump in the polls.


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