CNN writer implies calling ISIS evil is a bad idea

This is why I detest Liberal “academics.” They are too dumb for their own good. They hide behind their degrees, yet don’t have enough real brains to fill a thimble.

The author of this opinion piece is James Dawes. He is the Director of the Program in Human Rights at Macalester College in St. Paul MN, and author of Evil Men.

In typical academic fashion, the good director has attempted to use the yin/yang tactic to make himself look professorial. You know, when somebody says, “One cannot have pleasure, if one does not understand pain.”

Here is what he wrote:

When most people look at ISIS, they see the incarnation of evil. Among its many horrific acts, the Islamic militant group beheaded American journalist James Foley and posted the video this week in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. The Pope typically protests violence, but he implied that he supports the use of military force to combat ISIS. Even al Qaeda says ISIS is too violent. Across the political spectrum, public officials and pundits have characterized them as “savages,” a “cancer” and the “face of evil.”

Is ISIS evil?

The problem with that question is that the answer is as easy as it is useless. Yes, ISIS is evil and must be stopped. Saying so over and over again could very well make it harder to stop them.

This fool believes that by calling ISIS evil we are preparing ourselves to kill them, yet making it more difficult. It’s the word that’s emboldening them.

Because this academic doesn’t want to state the obvious. It’s our imbecilic president who has emboldened ISIS.

That’s as close as one gets in “academic-speak” to admitting that Obama is about to have to deal with problem that was being solve by Bush. Ergo, Bush is smarter than Obama.

Since when has calling somebody “evil” made it more difficult to stop them. When we put people on the BAD list, Santa doesn’t give them toys. Take the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. When you get on there, your life changes forever. That list rotates fairly fast. Because being on the “crap list” of the Fed, when executed effectively means you end up dead or in jail.

I am amazed that people like Dawes are taken seriously. Do they have a certain number of things they must publish. Their thought process is so simplistic as to be one notch above reptilian. They write in “thinking out loud” mode, in what we call analysis paralysis, rarely with the notion of finding solutions, but just more “fascinating queries.”

ISIS IS EVIL. Saying so means that the Left must admit that sometimes WAR IS NECESSARY! The Left hates admitting when we Conservative, non-wackademics get it right, which is most of the time!






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