Idiots’ Guide to Looting

I don’t condone looting, but do believe there are situations where looting is necessary. Take Hurricane Katrina for example.

Looting to get food and water for survival was warranted, that is if you were stupid enough to remain in a punch bowl with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on you. And many stupid Liberals were.

The problem with looting in the time of Katrina is the things being stolen were big screen TVs and other electronics, the thieves apparently not realizing THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITY! I can only imagine the skeletons found sitting in easy chairs watching their new TV BOX! It doesn’t take much to get Liberals to loot, especially black Liberals. And this was the case in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO.

As with all trumped up tragedies, there is opportunity. Let’s call this a crisis at the ghetto level. Taking a page from the Book of Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel), black ghettorians would not let this crisis go to waste. Let the looting begin! What does the looting bon vivant steal based the death of a black teen? Hmmm…TENNIS SHOES! Gotta have those Jordans! The list of things taken during “the Ferguson loot” is something out of a Monty Python movie. Can you say ridiculous? These fools are stealing car RIMS! Do they know how much it cost to SHIP rims, if somebody buys those bad boys on eBay?

THINK, Negro!

What next; robbing a bank of its PENNIES, or breaking into a jewelry store to steal GOLD TEETH!?

I’m embarrassed at the level of thought that goes into looting! At least have a freaking end game, Pookie! Why not steal eight-tracks and velvet Elvis art while you’re at it! It’s not like these looters have a plan or a purpose. They could steal computers and networking equipment and start a business, perhaps cataloging the bootleg DVDs I get offered when I am in that neck of the woods. At least with computers they could have an idea of inventory? If you’re going to get some payback from looting, you might revamp the kids’ wardrobes or get that car part that keeps breaking down. But TENNIS SHOES and RIMS! Since when has looting become part of black culture? And when will black people say enough of this nonsense. It happens every time some Liberal decides to turn a profit on tragedy. But don’t expect a reprimand of black Liberals by the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus. They loot at the highest levels, so a little trickle-down looting must be allowed. They could have gotten so much more, if their pants didn’t keep falling down!

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