Leftist idiots want Obama for this role!

As if America hasn’t had enough of Barack Obama, somebody is proposing a position for LIFE for him?!

If it’s not “life in prison,” then “fuget about it!”

Some Leftist turdmonger wants Obama on the Supreme Court of the United States. {pause to let sink in!}

Like Obama hasn’t done enough damage to SCOTUS with his two affirmative action appointees?

America needs a disbarred Constitutional “professor” who doesn’t know the Constitution, about as much as the Statue of Liberty needs a thong!

Does it go unnoticed on the brain-dead Leftists that Obama has done all he can to dismantle the Constitution?


Just to be clear, there is no history to be made here. Thurgood Marshall was the first black, and Clarence Thomas, well he’s black enough for five Obamas. So unless we are trying to appoint our first Muslim to the court, “been there, done that!”


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