Black teen shooting protests suddenly in vogue

The shootings of black teens are suddenly in vogue? Somebody needs to tell CHICAGO, so they can get some good press!

Again in St. Louis, a black teen is shot. And like in Ferguson, he was shot by a white cop. Do I really need to connect the dots for you.

The cops have a bounty out for black teens, but only white cops can collect. That has to be the only possibility, because despite data and observational evidence, black teens simply do not commit crimes.


Ergo, America has a cop problem, and better yet…a white cop problem. And here Liberals thought all that sensitivity training was working in the new world where political correctness runs naked through the streets.

That stupid white cop, right. That sucker thought “if you see something, say something” and took out the middle man, he saw something a actually DID HIS JOB. The joke’s on him, because he was supposed to look the other way. So what four black teens were up to no good, and the one who was shot should have been under house arrest with his ankle bracelet! He didn’t deserve to get shot!

Ok, so he shot at the cop, but that’s because he didn’t [insert excuse here]. Black people are afraid of the cops, and thus have the right to over-react and shoot at them, even if the said black teen was doing something wrong.

And this black teen had a SANDWICH! How do you shoot a kid with a SANDWICH!? Ok, so what he also had a GUN, the key here is that he had a SANDWICH!

The police really need another round of racial sensitivity training, it would appear. Let’s review the manual:

An armed teen who should have been under house arrest was up to no good, and stopped to buy a sandwich. The cop approaches the scared teen who then shoots at the cop. The cop should do the following:

  1. Return to the nearest donut shop and engage in “cop talk” with the donut shop owner
  2. Wait until the teen has robbed some white man at gunpoint, then counsel with the white man over the evils of capitalism and why he deserved to be robbed
  3. Contact a black “leader,” and inform them of a pending crime, so said black leader can tweet out misinformation, thus getting ahead of the story and setting the false narrative
  4. All of the above

I can hardly wait for the black community to wake up to how Leftist pukes are playing them.

Ok silly Negroes, it’s time to earn your keep!

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