Teacher wants private info on students’ parents

Is there such a thing as privacy rights anymore?  Liberal logic dictates that people must prove they have a right to privacy by exposing that which is already private.

America has HIPAA laws that privatized one’s medical records, but that didn’t stop a teacher at Mapleton Junior High in Utah who told students to inventory the family medicine cabinet, listing every medication OTC or otherwise. Who cares this is against the law?




The same is true of ObamaCare, where suddenly gun control is at issue? Obamacare mandates that pediatricians ask children if their families have guns in the home.

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Houston Mayor Anisse Parker wants pastors to hand over scripts of their sermon in order to find homophobic statements, and unsavory references to her.

Forget the NSA, and whoever else is spying on us, as the Left is doing a full frontal assault.


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