Haters will destroy Ferguson anyway they can

Black Friday is now about justice for Michael Brown?

I guess people will be free to commit strong armed robberies of retailers and not get shot?

Leftists determined to keep the idiocy alive are proposing a national boycott of stores, beginning on Black Friday. Lucky for the businesses hit by looting in Ferguson, they have begun early.

Many of these businesses remain boarded up, and most have removed merchandise and records, in anticipation of more looting and other violence.



And the sad part is most people know that regardless of the Grand Jury ruling, the protests are happening. Protesters even want rules for the cops, in the event that the protests get out of control.

These paid protester are also calling for the boycott to last until December 3rd, likely when their protest paychecks run out. The fact is there is nothing to protest, except the Left relies on race-pimping.

The MUST continue the ruse, less some people understand the game, and start voting Leftists out of office. Oops…too late!

For the record, what these people should be doing is helping the Ferguson-area businesses recover. That would be the right thing to do.

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