Obama crossing the Rio Grande

Obama would not use a lame duck session? Negro PLEASE!

The man knows a crisis when he sees one! And Obama’s crisis is coming in January, when the Obama Pain Train is derailed, even just a little bit.

Obama is working up the courage to legalize about 5 million illegal immigrants. It’s not as set in stone as he makes out. Obama is scared to try this, although millions are chomping at the bit to get their stay-in-America for free cards.

Bonus:  Most will get work permits!

Obama’s minions have already been putting into place changes to help him out; like the H1B changes underway at the Department of Labor.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also made a change just a few weeks ago, redefining the term “mother” to include foreign surrogates .  This will give even more kids automatic citizenship and access to our welfare system.  In surrogacy cases, the consulate won’t even be required to determine the identity of the child’s legal parents.

The fallout from this will be huge, and you can bet that Democrats will further distance themselves from Obama, if he has the guts to try this very unconstitutional Executive Order.




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