BREAKING: Another cop attack

The Left don’t want to admit this, and the media is already not reporting this new phenomena, but the cops are under attack.

A man wanted for making terrorist threats against police and FBI in a YouTube video was stopped by police officers at Garrett Road and Shadeland Avenue in Drexel Hill, an area in Philadelphia.

Instead of cooperating with police, the suspect then put his car in reverse and slammed into the vehicle of the Clifton Heights Police chief.

He then tried to run down more Officers with the vehicle, at which time the police opened fire on the suspect, striking him several times, killing him. No officers were injured in this attack.

The report I saw gave no ethnicity of the perp, but I will go out on a pretty sturdy limb and bet that he is black. There is a sense of lawlessness that is pervasive in the Liberal black community, and it’s going to lead to mayhem, if allowed to go unchecked.


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