Death Threats: Welcome to the party, Al!

Al Sharpton is getting death threats, and as John McClain said in Die Hard: Welcome to the party, pal!

I get death threats every week, and that’s for telling the truth. Unlike Al Sharpton, I am no race pimp. I say what I say to wake up the sleeping fools on the Left who buy into the race pimping by people like Sharpton.

The fact is, if Al Sharpton didn’t have security when he’s gallivanting through black neighborhoods, he would be DEAD!


But now Sharpton wants to act as if because of the recent assassination of two New York City police officers he’s receiving death threats and hate emails from people.

In a recent press conference, Sharpton held up his cellular phone and complained that he was a victim of several hate messages for his actions in Ferguson, and the latest incidents in New York.

“I have instructed our attorneys last night, I have began receiving threatening phone calls and hate. I’ll play one because I’m turning this over to the FBI,” Sharpton said at the press conference.”

I’m sure there were LOTS of hate messages on his phone and in his email, and it’s called KARMA!

Sharpton told the crowd of reporters that he will increase his security detail and precautions after he got messages threatening him. If I were his security detail, I’d get paid in advance!

Remember, Sharpton was an FBI snitch for some time, so I’m sure there are a few people out with the “snitches get stitches” attitude.

Further, when more black Liberals wake up to the nonsense of Al Sharpton, and realize that he is all about Al, there won’t be enough security for him in America.


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