People teaching our kids are IGNORANT!

We spend billions on education, and we keep getting dumber kids. I can see why.

The people teaching our kids are dumb, plain and simple. They protect themselves by hiding behind unions. Even their boss said they don’t care about the kids, they just care about preserving their jobs, i.e. the status quo.

A good example is this sign that was hung outside a school for a WEEK! It’s not enough that the principal didn’t catch it, but neither did any of the dumb ass teachers.


The message on the sign above the entryway to Paterson’s Public School Number 20 included three mistakes: December was spelled “Dicember,” report as “reepor” and a “1” was placed backwards.

After a week, a member of the Paterson Board of Education, Corey Teague, saw a photo of the misspelled sign on Facebook.

“At first I didn’t believe it,” Teague told CBS New York. “I thought it was Photoshopped or something.”

When Teague found out it was real, he shared the photo on Facebook.

“How can we expect our children to learn how to spell when the administration can’t?” Teague wrote. “We must be held to a higher standard…We can’t assume because it’s an urban district — inner-city — that things like this can be swept over,” he told the CBS affiliate.

“If it were a suburban neighborhood, parents would be outraged.”

School officials told that the lettering “was placed by a custodian and the sign was near an entrance not normally used by staff.”

That’s their excuse. It wasn’t in a high-traffic area, or somebody would have caught it. I guess catching it as it was being CREATED is out of the question?

It’s not like it had ONE mistake; it has MANY!

As with all things Liberal, nobody will be accountable, as the principal, Antoinette Young has been reassigned, as a vice-principal at a different school. They just moved her, as her demotion was related to other performance issues.

Not everyone agreed with the reassignment.

“They don’t talk about all the good things she’s done with the kids,” Linda Martinez told CBS New York. “We’re sad to see her go.”

If that sign is any indication, this school graduates idiots.

Here is some irony: Antoinette Young’s name is listed under the school’s motto: “Proper Planning Promotes Success; Failure Is Not An Option!”


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