Sharpton: Worthless as $3 steak

At least we know who has “the dirt” on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo!

It’s Rev Al!

At Al Sharpton’s “Help A Race Pimping Brother Out” party, Gov. Cuomo had this to say of Sharpton:

America is a better place because of the Rev. Al Sharpton, Governor Andrew Cuomo said recently at a star-studded 60th birthday party for the activist and television commentator.

“He has grown immensely over the years. He is no longer New York’s Rev. Al Sharpton; he’s the nation’s Rev. Al Sharpton, and the nation is better for it,” Cuomo said.

Hey New York, you can KEEP HIM!

Al Sharpton is as relevant as navel lint. The sooner he is out of the public eye, the better America will be.

The fact that Cuomo would say this about Sharpton is proof that Cuomo should not be a governor, and certainly should abandon his presidential aspirations.



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