Department of Energy partying like rock stars

Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people. And the bureaucrats like to party like rock stars.

That’s because it’s easy to spend other people’s money.

The Department of Energy blew through 21 million dollars of tax-payer money in an eighteen month period on things like cruise-boat dinners, Super Bowl parties, golf tournaments and a dinner at the NASCAR Hall of Fame to name a few.

Secretary of the Department of Energy, Ernest Moniz was not available for immediate comment. Perhaps he was golfing with Obama?

From The Washington Times:

For example, the inspector general said that one conference, costing more than $63,000, was held at a Washington hotel rather than the department’s nearby complex in Southwest D.C.

Renting the hotel meeting space cost about $15,000, the review says.

“The justification for using a non-federal facility was because the department’s headquarters site was ‘not conducive to an efficient flow of conversation and development of concepts,’” the report reads.

These bureaucratic baboons wonder why we are pissed at them, as they spend our money as fast as Obama can print it. It must be nice to have an endless money source.

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