Leftist losing their heads to jihad

It’s an understatement to say that Leftist are self-destructive. To be a woman who WANTS to go to a Muslim country means you have a few screw loose.

Unfortunately in Liberals’ lust to prove themselves wrong, they destroy everything around them.

So when I learned that Kayla Mueller, the girl recently killed by ISIS was a anti-Israel, anti-America, Muslim sympathizer, I wasn’t surprised.


According to the Law Enforcement Examiner:

While the American news media have portrayed the activist as a sainted humanitarian, reports indicate that Kayla was not only a supporter of the jihadists but she also worked as a propaganda-peddler for the International Solidarity Movement, an anti-Israeli and anti-American organization that supports Islamists in Gaza, according to a reliable source, Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D., CEO of Sentinel Intelligence Service, LLC.

Although the U.S. news media have chosen to treat the story of Kayla’s death as a solemn episode, intelligence sources and Middle Eastern news media paint a picture diametrically opposed to the fawning coverage afforded Mueller.

Just look at what Kayla Mueller’s sympathizing with the radical Islamist got her. My bet is she was treated worse than an animal, up until they point where they shot her in the head or cut off her head.

No matter how many times this scenario plays out, Leftists will still side against “good,” preferring to support evil. The Left are amazing creatures.


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