Obama said what about Bush?

Try to imagine Obama in an age where video archives didn’t exist.

Unfortunately for Obama, every one of his slimy lies is caught on video somewhere, and thankfully there are a few journalists willing to put him in the line of fire.

That’s just what Ed Henry of Fox News did:



In the wake of Rudy Guiliani’s comments describing Obama as “not loving America,” Josh Earnest said that he felt “sorrow” for the former Mayor. The Democrats believed erroneously that they would seize the day on Guiliani’s sentiments, and sentiments that I argued on CNN were those of millions of Americans.

After all, who trades five of the most barbaric criminals for one traitor? Who continually releases war criminals, knowing they will return to battle to put our troops in harms way? Who attempts to disparage Christians, referencing 1000 year old wars, while saying bupkis about Muslims burning and beheading Christians today? A terrorist, that’s who.
Most people don’t believe Guiliani went far enough, particularly as Guiliani went on to say that he doesn’t question Obama’s patriotism. I DO!

“Do you think the president has any regrets about saying President Bush was unpatriotic for adding $4 trillion to the debt?” Henry pressed Earnest.

“I don’t know sorrow is the word that I would use,” Earnest said.

“You said you feel sorry for Rudy Giuliani,” Henry responded, to which Earnest affirmed. ”But as a candidate, Sen. Obama said that President Bush was unpatriotic.”

“I have not seen the actual comments,” Earnest said, asking if Henry had them at his fingertips.

“He said that the president, and I’m paraphrasing this part, added about $4 trillion to the debt, and then he said ‘that’s irresponsible, that’s unpatriotic,” Henry told Earnest. “So I see a difference from Giuliani because he’s talking about an issue, but nonetheless, questioning the patriotism of the President of the United States.”

“I think what the president was doing was he was questioning the specific wisdom wisdom of that decision, and questioning whether or not that was in the best interest of the country,” Earnest said.

“He said it was unwise, he said that’s unpatriotic,” Henry shot back.

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