Black Democrat Congressman hates Tea Party (video)

Democratic Congressman and race pimp Emanuel Cleaver doesn’t like the America that was built by the Tea Party.

And he wants to convince blacks and women that if the Tea Party gets its way, then black people will be SLAVES and women will be SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS.

Cleaver conveniently doesn’t mention that it was HIS party who wanted blacks as slaves and woman as housewives, and it was people who would have been in the Tea Party who fought the Democrats.

But the real question is just how many insults will blacks and women take from racist, sexist Democrats like Cleaver. The idea that he believes blacks and women are so stupid, that they could be FORCED back into oppression.

This is the type of thinking that has Democrats have used to lead people straight into today’s current oppression; an oppression that makes slavery look like a vacation.

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