Conundrum for the pro-death crowd

In the continual debate of pro-life vs pro-death of an unborn child, the plot thickens for the pro-death crowd.

We all know when life begins, as it begins the same for all of us…conception. Nobody living or dead has skipped conception, but Liberals act like conception is “so last year.”

Barack Obama, the smartest president ever claims this factoid is “above his pay grade.” I agree, this is too much for Obama’s brain to understand. As for the rest of the Liberal “it’s my body” baby-killing intelligentsia, this is just an excuse to invoke their moral relativism when condoning murder.

I chuckle, because neither side is that far off, except that Conservatives are merely willing to state the obvious. It is about choice, because we are all both pro-life and pro-choice.


I find the story about the Colorado woman accused of luring an expectant mother to a basement and cutting the baby from her belly interesting in that she might not face homicide charges in the child’s death because of the way criminal law in the U.S. has become entangled in abortion politics.

So here’s my question. If the woman who was carrying her baby to term is pro-life, doesn’t that by definition make the child a child. I know that sounds strange, because it’s obvious to the non-brain-dead crowd that the child was a child. But for the brain-dead pro-death crowd, does the pregnant woman have a CHOICE as well?

Since the mother didn’t choose to kill her “entity,” doesn’t that by even Liberals’ definition make it a child? After all, birthing the child was her choice. it would seem to me that if this mother testifies under oath that it was her intent to have this child and not kill it on the birthing table, then she was exercising her choice, ergo ipso facto modus operandi [and other Latin here] IT WAS A BABY!

Yet, Colorado has twice rejected proposals to make the violent death of a fetus a homicide, refusing to join 38 other states and the federal government for fear such a law would be used to restrict abortions. Essentially, for mother’s-to-be in Colorado, your baby is NOT safe until it’s hit terra ferma.

And in the case against Dynel Lane, 34, arrested in the grisly attack at her home Wednesday on a nearly eight-months-pregnant Michelle Wilkins, there is no murder that occurred, since Wilkins survived and only the “entity” died.

“Under Colorado law, essentially no murder charges can be brought if the child did not live outside of the mother,” said Stan Garnett, district attorney of liberal Boulder County.

Hell I’m wondering if they even consider it assault.

Oh well; Wilkins can just try to have another child again, as long as she stays away from knife-wielding mama-wannabes.


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