Watch this bully beatdown

David versus Goliath stories fascinate us. It’s because far too often, people are underestimated.

I know, because it happened a lot in my life. Life is a challenge, and then there are those who complicate man’s “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” just because they are bullies.

Videos like this remind me of how much the government has overestimated us.


The video needs no words. The big man thinks he has no competition, and he underestimates his challenger. This reminds me of the Tea Party v [insert big bad organization or person here].

Whether it’s the Fed, the Democrats, the Republicans, or some loudmouth Leftist threatening to kill me, the end is the same eventually for bullies; they end up tasting pavement.

The Tea Party won’t lose against its enemies, because it’s enemies have no soul, no core. They really have nothing to fight for. We do.

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