African vs. African-American

The biggest insult to blacks by Liberals is that all black people think alike.

Nine percent of blacks in America were foreign born and have a far different perspective on life than do those who are American born.

And there is a rift in the black community between the foreign born and American born that is rarely discussed.

A high percentage of foreign born blacks attend “Ivy League” universities, pointing to the absurdity of Affirmative Action. And these blacks resent many of the antics of American born blacks, most of whom proudly proclaim the title of “African-American,” though they have never been to Africa, and could not care less what’s actually happening on the continent.

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In recent years, the dynamic between native and foreign born blacks has been thrust to the surface of America’s cultural and policy conversations. A 2004 Princeton study found that immigrants accounted for more than a quarter of black students at America’s Ivy League schools.

That led some to question the relevance of Affirmative Action policies, which were originally intended to help bring talented members of historically marginalized groups into many institutions of American society. In 2007 Lani Guinier, a professor at Harvard Law School, famously theorized about why in The Washington Post: “It has to do with coming from a country, especially those educated in Caribbean and African countries, where blacks were in the majority and did not experience the stigma that black children did in the United States.”

What Guinier and other black Harvard professors later argued was that Affirmative Action policies were not helping America’s most disadvantaged blacks—those who were the direct descendants of American slaves—access the country’s most prestigious colleges.

Liberals would love nothing more than for blacks to BE a homogeneous group. I can’t imagine that a person from Africa would immigrate (legally) to America to emulate Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)!

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