Talk about blowing a second chance at life

Talk about blowing a second chance!

If you’re wondering about the state of America, take a look at teenager Anthony Stokes who received a long-awaited heart transplant…that he didn’t deserve.

The hospital was hesitant, initially declining to give Stokes the heart because of his crime-riddled past. However, the bleeding hearts finally capitulated, and the miscreant got his new heart. Stokes vowed to not squander his second chance at life, if only they would believe in him.

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The story of Anthony Stokes was supposed to have a happy ending. Instead it ended Tuesday, police say, with the teen heart transplant recipient carjacking someone, burglarizing a home, shooting at an elderly woman, leading police on a high speed chase and then dying after his car hit a pole. In 2013, the teen’s family told media that an Atlanta hospital rejected him for heart transplant surgery due to what the hospital described in a letter as Stokes’ “history of non-compliance.”

Who died so this fool could get a second chance to blow it?

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