Holy Liz Warren, Jeb Bush is what!?

Apparently Jeb Bush thinks he’s Mexican.

I mean Jeb “I ate an enchilada while wearing a sombrero and contemplating a siesta” Bush Mexican, like Elizabeth “Wounded Knee” Warren.

What is it with these white Leftists who get Stockholm Syndrome without being captives?


According to the NY Times:

There is little doubt that Jeb Bush possesses strong credentials for appealing to Hispanic voters.

He speaks fluent Spanish. His wife, Columba Bush, was born in Mexico. For two years in his 20s, he lived in Venezuela, immersing himself in the country’s culture.

Mr. Bush, a former Florida governor and likely presidential candidate, was born in Texas and hails from one of America’s most prominent political dynasties. But on at least one occasion, it appears he got carried away with his appeal to Spanish-speaking voters and claimed he actually was Hispanic.

In a 2009 voter-registration application, obtained from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, Mr. Bush marked Hispanic in the field labeled “race/ethnicity.”

I love all American cultures. Mexican is part of that, as are all the others. America would not be what it is without the mosaic of cultures that constitute the American culture. I understand when people are proud of their heritage. But this is going too far.

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