Blacks mad at NYC Mayor De Blasio

Black Liberals are mad at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who unveiled what is being called a “progressive contract with America.”

De Blasio’s 13-point plan includes:

  • Universal pre-kindergarten

  • Paid family leave

  • $15 minimum wage

  • Higher taxes on the wealthy

  • Opposition to unfair trade laws

  • Comprehensive immigration reform

I won’t go through all this nonsense, however I will address a couple, just to prove my point.

With respect to universal pre-kindergarten, this mean more “education” for kids. The Left wants them younger and younger, which means more fleecing of American taxpayers for earlier indoctrination. 

As for paid family leave, we all know that it’s an employers role to provide for a person when they have to leave work, right? After all, the entrepreneur provided an opportunity, and an agreed upon salary and benefits, so why not pay people NOT to work. Why shouldn’t that entrepreneur be saddled with your salary and benefits payments when you are’t even there; after all, it’s his fault that you have that stupid job anyway!

But these concessions are not enough, at least not for former CNN political pundit Roland Martin. Martin, now the host of NewsOne Now, explained the “progressive contract with America” lacks language addressing:

  • Police brutality
  • Schools not jails
  • Mass incarceration

Yet again, amazing ignorance with black Liberals.

While Martin wants to accept the communist manifesto offered by De Blasio, he offers a red herring in return.

Martin ignores black crime, which leads to “mass incarceration.” He ignores black crime which leads to heavy police interaction. In other words Roland, if black Liberals want to see less police, STOP COMMITTING CRIMES.

And every time a Liberal mentions “schools,” they should be tossed in prison and labeled a pedophile.

These lecherous Leftists want more of their miseducation system, a system that has been described as a conveyor belt to prison for young blacks.

Martin is the typical “I got mine” Leftist, who walks the ethno-centric line all the way to the bank. There is nothing on De Blasio’s list of goodies that will be good for America, must less “black” America.

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