JACKSON: Loretta Lynch Jumps Into Baltimore Issues, Bet She Didn’t Think I Would Say THIS!

Loretta Lynch is going to investigate the Baltimore police, when she should be investigating Democrats!

I’m shocked that the Mayor of Baltimore who is responsible for the police is asking the Department of Justice to come look at her shoddy work?

Violent crime is 370 percent the national average in Baltimore, so policing is NOT the problem.

And if Ferguson taught us anything, it was that the white power structure is the cause of cop problems, isn’t it?

So what Darren Wilson was exonerated, when the DOJ found those two racist emails!

I debated on Fox News about the real problems of Baltimore policing:


I suggest Loretta Lynch stop looking at cops, and start looking at the Democrat bureaucrats who have been in power in Baltimore for decades. Everything in place in Baltimore, a city in triage, is the result of Democrat policies, and black Democrats that.

Nepotism, crony capitalism, and about any other “ism” is at play in a city that can only be described as a “Detroit in the making.”

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