Teachers trained on White Privilege?

We are at a point in America where all it takes to be privileged is to be white. Translated into logic: Leftists teach black children that being born black makes them victims of birth.

Have these people heard of Blue Ivy (Jay-Z’s & Beyonce’s baby girl), a child who has been called “black royalty?” Perhaps “white privilege” is why Oprah has no children? Why put them through the experience of being victims of Oprah’s massive wealth and power?

Despite the many white people who would argue that they have no privilege, teachers are being told that they must be taught about “white privilege.”

They might save everybody some time and aggravation, and just have them speak to the crackhead whom I often see begging at the corner of Grand and 44.


There is one other potential outcome of this program, and that is the dumbing down of white kids.

Compared to black kids, white kids seem to be doing well, as most can at least read after graduating high school. As Obama has said of America, [pp] “Maybe white kids need to be brought down a bit.”

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I have a black friend who dropped out of school in the eleventh grade, frustrated that he couldn’t read.

“Why should I stay in school, when I knew I couldn’t even read by the eleventh grade,” Paul confided in me.

Paul would later become a “stick up man,” which led to his incarceration. Yes, Paul caught a break!

Paul learned to do in PRISON what he wasn’t taught in school, and that is he learned to READ!

He was taught to read by a 70+ year old white lady; and as he tells it, his first non-violent interaction with a white person. That old white lady taught Paul to read using the Bible. Any idea how difficult it is to teach somebody to read from the Bible. It’s not exactly Dr. Seuss.

All the money Leftist “invested” in educating Paul (to become a stickup man),  and he finally learned to read in prison!

Meanwhile, black teachers and administrators in Atlanta (and just about everywhere else) are changing the grades of students, so the teachers and administrators could get their bonuses. They did it for the kids, right?

Have these Leftist fools selling “white privilege” looked at the stats on blacks and education?

  • Highest high school dropout rates
  • Lowest college entrance rates
  • Lowest college graduation rates

I suggest these morons make white privilege a required part of teacher training.

This nonsense is an opportunity for Conservative Americans to have that race discussion with the Left. I welcome the opportunity to explain our side.


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