Congressional Animals!

There is a reason that a group of baboons is called a congress.

Tell me if this doesn’t describe America’s political system.


According to,

The boozing starts from 7am. Though large amounts of chimps are often drunk, the sessions are orderly, even sociable. A skinful later, and always before nightfall, enough is enough and they rest.

They are the chimpanzees of Bossou, south-eastern Guinea, and their secret is finally out. With 17 years of evidence in hand, scientists have declared the troop the first wild chimpanzees to indulge in regular, habitual drinking.

The west African chimps were observed in their natural forest habitat from 1995 to 2012. The action, captured on video, centered around raffia palms. Local communities harvest sugary sap from the trees, which ferments into a rich, alcoholic brew in hours.

See. A bunch of monkeys figuring out how to profit from the work of others, then doing it all over again the next day.


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