Guess What New Gov Uncovered that Chicago Dems were giving to the rich

It’s amazing what you uncover when you get rid of Democrats and put a businessman in the governor’s seat.

Bruce Rauner didn’t get wealthy by being stupid. He’s fiscally responsible, and he’s making sure that the state of Illinois is as well.


In performing his fiscal due diligence, Rauner’s team uncovered some interesting misuse of taxpayer funds.

As the Chicago Tribune reports:

In 2010, the Government Accountability Office reported that Illinois was providing heating assistance to a North Shore woman who lived in a $2 million home and owned a newer Mercedes. The report also highlighted a case in which someone with an $80,000 salary received heating assistance. Another person received heating assistance for deceased relatives.

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These are the things that we fight against, and the Liberals tolerate. One can only guess how much more Rauner’s team will uncover as they continue to dig.


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