A “White Privilege” Killing

America has descended from law and order to “lawlessness and disorder.” So when a black man in our nation’s capital needs some money, well, he just kills somebody for it.

And that’s why Kevin Joseph Sutherland is dead. His “white privilege” got him stabbed to death by a “gentle giant on his way to college.”

As CBS news reports:

A former congressional intern killed aboard a Metro train in Washington, D.C. on Independence Day was repeatedly punched and stabbed during a struggle with his attacker, witnesses told police, according to documents made public Tuesday.

Jasper Spires, 18, is charged with killing 24-year-old train passenger Kevin Joseph Sutherland.

According to CBS D.C., Sutherland was a recent graduate of American University and previously interned for Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes on Capitol Hill.

Spires appeared in court Tuesday and was ordered held in jail until at least his next court date on July 17.

Court documents say one witness saw Spires attempt to take something from Sutherland’s waist area and that they struggled over the item before Sutherland was punched and stabbed in his chest, back, sides and arms. The witness says Spires threw Sutherland’s cellphone at him as he lay bleeding on the train car’s floor.

For the record, Spires stabbed Sutherland 20 times. That will teach Sutherland to exercise white privilege when a young potential black collegiate is trying to get his reparations.

And it gets better, because according to D.C. Police, witnesses said that Spires stole money from other passengers after killing Sutherland. How’s that for making sure that everybody paid their reparations. I wonder what would have happened had somebody been armed…with a CONFEDERATE FLAG!

A witness who was robbed said Spires said, “What do y’all got?” as he approached and then took money, about $65, from the victims.

And who said Liberals haven’t given Americans sanctuary cities, where one can live in Utopia?!

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