Why Did This Liberal Woman Help Killers?

Why would anybody help murderers escape?

Then plot with the escapees to kill your spouse!?

That’s what prison worker, Joyce Mitchell, did. I shouldn’t have to tell you she’s a Liberal.

They didn’t have daddies!” was her likely excuse to help these criminals. Oh, and the fact that they were boinking her homely butt.


Here’s the story:

A U.S. prison worker pleaded guilty on Tuesday to smuggling hacksaw blades in frozen hamburger meat to two killers who later broke out in a brazen, elaborate escape that captured the world’s attention for more than three weeks.

Joyce Mitchell, a tailor shop instructor at Clinton Correctional Facility in northern New York state, was jailed shortly after the elaborately staged June 6 escape of Richard Matt and David Sweat. Matt was shot and killed by searchers June 26, about 30 miles west of the prison; Sweat was captured near the Canadian border two days later and sent to another prison.

Mitchell, 51, faces a sentence of 2 1/3 years to 7 years in prison under terms of a plea deal with prosecutors. A sentencing date was not announced. Her lawyer said his client won’t be able to post the bail set by the judge at $100,000 cash or $200,000 bond.

What Mitchell did is metaphorically what Liberals do–all the time–to America. Liberals allow the most vicious criminals on the street. Whether it’s black street thugs or MS13 illegal Mexican gang members, Liberals want the world’s worst.

And like with Mitchell, it can only end badly, and I’m not talking about for the bad guys. Liberals’ policies are as wack as it gets. If taken to their logical conclusion, Liberals’ own policies would get them killed or jailed.

Keep in mind that Mitchell LIED about her involvement, reminiscent of “I.did.not.have.sex.with.that.woman,” Bill Clinton.

Then when her back was against the wall, and they discovered her version of the blue dress, she finally fessed up. All that’s left is her religious conversion, and the cycle of Liberalism is complete.


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