What Would Happen if Hillary Clinton Were a Marine

A Marine Reserve officer used his personal email in an attempt to save lives in Afghanistan, but now may be discharged for sending ONE message.

Meanwhile, evidence suggests 2016 Presidential candidate Mrs. Clinton may have sent multiple classified and Top Secret messages over her own personal server that may have compromised troop positions and even revealed the location of our own ambassador.

While the Marine may lose his career over his email, Hillary is on the campaign trail JOKING about how social media allows her messages to automatically disappear.

The Daily Beast’s Michael Daly wrote that Marine Reserve Major Jason Brezler sent a report to Forward Operating Base Dehli in Now Zad, Helmand Province, Afghanistan to warn that a Marine base might be attacked. Sure enough, a teenaged Afghan shot down three Marines while they worked out, in a Green on Blue incident most likely coordinated by the local Afghan police chief.

Brezler is a four-time veteran of the most dangerous parts of both Iraq and Afghanistan who retired to the luxurious life as a Marine reservist and firefighter in New York City’s elite Rescue 2 unit. He is under investigation now for his attempt to save lives, with his only hope of reprieve coming from the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus.

While Brezler awaits his fate, the Teflon candidate Clinton joked about her new Snapchat account at a fundraiser in Iowa:

“By the way, you may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it. I love it,” she said. “Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

And the crowd just laughs and laughs. Welcome to the New America, folks.

If Hillary Clinton were a Marine, what would happen to her? This woman wants to be Commander in Chief, but she’s certainly not willing to suffer the fate of a military man, now is she.

Marijo Tinlin is an author, blogger, editor and content marketer who lives in Boulder County Colorado. She is a wife and mother and she podcasts and blogs for several websites. Her book “How to Raise an American Patriot” features one of the greatest patriots of this country, Kevin Jackson. 

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