Trump calls out Black Lives Matter

We all know that the #BlackLivesMatter mantra is racist, and that the morons who are touting it are paid stooges of George Soros.

These troublemakers act as if they care about black people, when all they care about PAY CHECKS!

“Hey #BlackLivesMatter people, you work for an old white billionaire.”

Soros has temporary redirected them from some Democrat-run urban indoctrination system to pick on the oldest whitest man to run for president in modern-day history.

Believe it or not, Hillary can’t dispatch of an old socialist, as Socialist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders continues to siphon potential votes from Hillary. So Soros and Hillary have conspired to crack that crackers knees.


White Liberals love using blacks from a distance, but when black people get too close, they get scared. That’s why when the #BlackLivesMatter crowd took over his microphone at an event, he just backed off.


“That was a disgrace,”

Trump said at a press conference before a speech in Michigan on Tuesday, vowing it wouldn’t happen to him:

“I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.”

Think any other Republican in the race want to tackle the race issue? You know the answer. But Trump will. And I LOVE IT!

The #BlackLivesMatter crowd responded on Twitter, taking the challenge.

They talked tough about finding out where Trump will be. Others said they’d like to see Trump stop them. Keyboard Commandos, these people are called.

Now it’s game on. I will bet you that the #BlackLivesMatter group will get nowhere near Trump or his stage. And that will show just how big of cowards they are.

Trump will have a lot of people willing to back him up, and I would be one of them.


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